Solution To Resolve Mapi32 Dll Error In Outlook 2010

Mapi32.dll is one of the most essential file needed for proper running of Outlook. It is primarily be used in all version of Outlook as it can perform various functions that helps in establishing easy communication in the form of emails. Outlook 2010 is an essential file that is required to establish quick connection while carrying out communication. Outlook user face mapi32 dll error in outlook 2010 due to numerous reason and among them some of the most common includes corruption , damage , incompatibility and accidental deletion of file mapi32.dll file. When , it associates with any of the problematic issues mentioned above , encountering of common error listed below are quite usual:

  • Mapi32.dll is missing
  • This could have been caused by installing other messaging software. Please reinstall Outlook
  • Mapi32.dll was not found
  • Mail is not installed on this system
  • Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. MAPI32.DLL is corrupt or the wrong version.

    While coming across such situation user may get completely distracted and wonder what and how to resolve mapi32 dll error in outlook 2010 along with its consequences. Inbox repair tool , Outlook inbuilt utility can help you to sort out problem related with improper functioning of .pst file due to mising , corruption or damage of mapi32 dll file. But , there are several possibilities where it fails to perform . In such situation need for third party application arises. PST repair tool is an outstanding tool that offers compatibility with all Outlook versions and is easy to download and install.

    • Offers compatibility with all Outlook version
    • Easy to download and install
    • Facilitate with quick recovery of data
    • Resolves all sort of Outlook errors etc