Outlook Inbox Repair Tool Unexpected Error : How to Repair

The reason behind the huge popularity of outlook mailing platform is the fantastic user friendly atmosphere of the mailing platform. Moreover it also has many of the amazing features such as online document reader and many such more. But it is said that even the best player has also a bad day. So therefore many a times the platform gets corrupted with the malwares. So therefore it is recommended to the user to perform the scanpst to repair the damaged files n the outlook platform.

Sometimes the user is unable to repair the saved files with the help of scanpst and the following error message flashes on the screen of the user.

"The Inbox Repair Tool does not recognize the file xxxx.pst "Or "An unexpected error prevented access to this file. Use ScanDisk to check the disk for errors, and then try using the Inbox Repair tool again." or "Outlook Inbox Repair Tool Unexpected Error"


These errors occurs in the user outlook mailbox because of the following reasons...

  • Modification in the place of DLL files in the outlook pst creates the problem
  • The using over sized PST file in the outlook mailing platform can create such a problem
  • The attack of several virus and malicious softwares on the mailing platform and the modification made by the malicious software may be the reason behind the inbox repair tool closes unexpectedly error.

    These problems in the outlook mailbox can be fixed by fixing the location of the DLL file in the mailbox and also using the good anti-virus software. But still it is not very sure that the user will surely come out of the problem. But the easy way to get rid of all such problems are to use outlook pst repair software. As this software is very efficient in repairing back all the lost files from the mailbox and abstain the user from all the worries of data loss.