How To Locate Scanpst 2013

Outlook has gained much popularity within a certain fraction of time. This is the result of the hard-work of the developers of the software. The outlook is a user friendly platform with numerous features to help the user in various ways. But many a times the users find some of their files unable to locate or heavily corrupted. So it becomes a great issues for the use. So therefore outlook gas provided an fantastic tool called scanpst to help the users to repair their corrupted files. But many a times the user faces various difficulties in finding or locating the scanpst file location 2013. So here is the location of scanpst in outlook 2013

SCANPST IN OUTLOOK 2013 X32Windows x32 C:Program Files Microsoft OfficeOffice15Windows x64 C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficeOffice15

SCANPST IN OUTLOOK 2013 X64Windows x64 C:Program Files Microsoft OfficeOffice15

SCANPST IN OUTLOOK 2013 “CLICK TO RUN”For Office 2013 installed using the “Click to Run” system, you need to check the rootOffice15 folder found in C:Program Files Microsoft Office 15


Although the scanpst is an effective tool that helps the user in repairing the corrupted files from the outlook mailbox. But many a times due to several reasons the files saved in the outlook mail box gets deleted . So therefore it becomes out of the scope of the scanpst tool to recover it back. So therefore it is recommended to install the outlook pst repair software as it can easily repair as well as recover all the deleted outlook files easily. So therefore install the outlook pst repair to abstain from the worries.