How To Resolve Pst Not Found Error

MS Outlook user often experience improper functioning of application. It drag user in severe difficulties as all there important data such as emails , contacts , calender , appointments , notes etc are generally stored in it .As this problem can arise at any instance of time , so it is suggested to keep regular backup of .pst file . This will help you to deal with those situations in which pst not found error strike on your system. It is often being experienced problem that frequently occurred due to number of reasons such as oversize issues , incompatibility issues , invasion of virus or malware , missing of .pst files etc.

There isn't any doubt that issues related with improper functioning of .pst file differs from one to another. But , it is equally true that a skilled way is required to deal with the situation. Suppose , while opening an inportant .pst file , an error encounters "the file drive: \path\file name.pst could not be found" . It means that the file is missing and is not present in the location it has been saved .The most common reason for the error are:.


Unavailability of server where PST is located
  • Pst file has been deleted accidentally
  • Damage and corruption of pst file
  • Unavailability of server where PST is located

    In order to deal with the situations Outlook facilitate its user with Inbox Repair Tool . It can deal with the situation , but most of the time it fails to perform especially when pst associates with some severe issues. In such situation there is an alternative method -PST Repair tool . It works automatically and sort out all issues that stops Outlook user to access outlook data conveniently. It facilitate user with easy to use interface that can easily be carried out even by a non technical person.